Adult Bib Tip #1 - Laundering Velcro

Close Velcro fastenings before laundering.

This will minimize damage to other clothing in the laundry load.

It will also prevent bibs from snarling up if you are washing several at a time.

Adult Bib Tip #11 - Laying Out Patterns


Thank you so much for putting this pattern on your website! My father recently had surgery and lost feeling in half his face, so now dribbles when he eats, and this is perfect for him.

One hint I can suggest for others.... when I cut out the pattern, I mounted it to a piece of sturdy cardboard and then cut out the shape. That way I could just trace the outline with tailor's chalk for as many bibs as I wanted to make. I would assume most people are making multiples, and this just makes it easier (plus it's easier to tape them together accurately since you are mounting them to something and not just taping them together.)

Thanks again,



Sites with Some Ideas for Making Adult Bibs

These Adult Bibs are made with a towel for the main front and a patterned fabric around the neck.

Here is a lovely, easy to make soulution for making Pretty Adult Scarf Bibs. You would be able to make these bibs up in a variety of colourful fabrics. They would be discrete and functional in a restaurant.

This website has some good ideas for Adult Bibs

Out On the Town

Adult Bib Patterns
Sew Stylish Bibs for Adult & Senior Needs

Make an Adult Bib to Match a Special Outfit, and Head Out to a Fine Restaurant for those Special Occasions.

For special occasions you want an adult bib that suits the person wearing it, protecting them while being unobtrusive. Designed right they can be put on at home under a complementary jacket and look like a nice blouse or vest, and then removed quietly after dinner, protecting the dignity of the one you love. The maintenance for this kind of adult bib may be too much work for daily wear but is perfect for family parties and restaurant outtings.

For Daily Use, Bibs for Seniors Need to be Easily Laundered or Wiped Down.

Flannelette, Terrycloth or Tablecloth Fabric Adult Bibs are easily laundered but you need to have a large enough supply of them to last between laundry days. It is easy to make up a large supply of basic adult bibs in different colors of flannelette or terrycloth. If there are lots of color and fabric choices, it feels less institutional, more like choosing an accessory.

Plastic or Vinyl Senior Bibs can be wiped down after use but require a drip pocket because they are not absorbent and liquids will run down the bib onto the clothing beneath. You only need one or two of these as you wipe them down after use.

When you are choosing a fabric and style you need to balance both the preferences of the person who will be wearing it as well as the preferences of the person responsible for sewing and cleaning the bibs.

User Comment:

Formal Bib from Sarah Tutt

My daughter teaches at a school for kids (age 3 - 21) with multiple handicaps and they had their prom today. She called me yesterday in a panic because she wanted "formal" bibs for her students (all over 18), so I did an internet search and found your site. I made two tuxedo bibs based on your red tie bib, one tuxedo bib in lavender and another based on the pink plaid bib. My daughter is delighted and her coworkers were impressed. The picture of one of the boy's bibs is attached.

My question is whether I can use your patterns (or variants thereof) to make bibs for sale?
Sarah Tutt

PS. Others who use your site might like a formal wear variant on your red tie bib.


Thank you so much for sending me a picture. I do love to hear that my patterns are a help. I have no problem for anyone who wishes to use my patterns to make bibs for sale. The patterns are a starting point that you can alter endlessly.


Your Mother, the Martyr
Your Mother
the Martyr



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