Adilt Bib Tip #3 - Wear Your Apron

Your apron does you no good hanging on the hook on your fridge. Developing the habit of putting your apron on every time you cook will save you a bundle on clothing, no more grease spots on all your favourite t-shirts, not to mention that special dress you have on just as you need to stir the spaghetti sauce just one more time before your guests arrive.



Sites with Apron Patterns

This is a lovely idea for a simple apron style clothing protector. I looks to be made with two layers of fabric, 36 inces square. You can colour block however you wish using basic quilting techniques. Just fold down one corner for the bib and add a strap for around the neck. Experiment a little for the best location for the ties and it is done.

For all of you who love to up-cycle the unusual this the perfect way to repurpose a man's shirt into an apron. You can use the collar as the strap around the neck and the front of the shirt as the apron. You can see a few versions of this idea at Gabriel's Good Tidings, Aprons (in Russian) with good pictures, Mary Jane's Farm, Cut Out &Keep, and a bee in my bonnet.

Clothing Protector Pattern

Full Size, Downloadable Sewing Patterns

This Apron Pattern is perfect for creating a comfortable clothing protector. I've been using this one for years. It hangs from the shoulders so that there are no ties wrinkling your clothing underneath. I use it as an oversize clothing protector when I am eating or an apron when I am cooking.

Apron Pattern

This Clothing Protector/Apron is sewn with an easily washed light weight poly cotton fabric and is trimmed with a light weight lace trim. * Pre-wash fabrics

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DownLoad Apron/ clothing Protector Pattern

**Print the Pieces and Tape Them Together
Matching the Grid Lines and Letters.

Sewing Instructions,
Apron / Clothing Protector

Step #1

Step #2

Step #3.

Apron Crossed at Back

Step #4 Velcro






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